Skid Steer Services

As always, RIM Express strives to provide excellent service and best experience to its clients.


  • Concrete Slab Removal

  • Concrete Braking and Disposal

  • Demolition and Clean-up

  • Trenching, digging, loading, unloading

  • Post hole digging

  • Concrete Drilling


  • Stump Removal and grinding

  • Environmental Lot Clearing

  • Brush Cutting/Clearing

  • Fence and post removal

  • Grading, planning, leveling.

Stump Digger

Stump digger can cut roots and remove large stumps. Also convenient for digging holes for new trees.

Forklift – Rough Terrain

Unloading on rough terrain. Lifting height up to 9 FT. Additional tools available for transporting trailers and slabs.


Backhoe for digging up to 6 FT deep. Footings, trenches, large holes, etc. Bucket size available 8”, 12” and 16”

Auger, Post Digger, Stump Grinder, Concrete Drill

Exchangeable bits for different purpose. Hole digging, stump grinding, concrete drilling. Auger bits diameter available 6” & 9”. Up to 30” for bigger jobs.

Tree Shear

Cuts and transports whole trees up to 12 inch thick. Controlled disposal/unloading.

Demolition Hammer

Hydraulic jackhammer for demolition of concrete, block rock, walls, slabs, foundations and more.

Brush Cutter

Cuts overgrown grass and other vegetation up to 6 inches thick. Perfect for environmental clearing.


For clean-up and clearing. Two cylinder grapple can grab large piles of debris or very large pile of tree branches.


For compacting of soil or gravel. Preparation for driveway, patio, concrete slab.

Standard Bucket

Standard bucket for many uses. Shallow digging, scooping, transporting of materials, loading, etc.


Dozer is used for leveling and moving of large amounts of gravel and dirt.

Brush w/Box

Sweeping and cleaning. Option to sweep and collect debris with controlled disposal or to sweep away.

Demolition Fork w/Grapple

Concrete slab remover removes over 50 SF of slab at once. Able to pull fence posts, foundation and more.

Land Planer / Grader

Used for leveling, grading and preparation of surfaces. Dirt, gravel, or small rocks.

RIM Express

Dump trailers are 11,000 lb and 6,000 lb debris capacity.

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