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Welcome to our application form. This is preliminary application and we’ll not ask for any of your sensitive information such are SSN, home address, date of birth etc. If you prequalify, we’ll contact you within 48 business hours for an interview over the phone or to schedule meeting for an interview. We encourage you to write about your self everything that you consider could be of importance to us. That way, there will be less chance for us to overlook your application and it could be time saver for both, you and RIM Express Inc officer. Thank you

Read before you apply:

We dedicate to quality and to customers satisfaction. Every new employee or contractor is first placed on probation for minimum of one week during which we’ll evaluate his quality of work and his attitude. If you are a contractor and you believe other contractors are capable of doing better work than you, please don’t apply, as we dedicate to quality. If you have bad temper and/or attitude, please don’t apply, as we dedicate to customers satisfaction. Thank you for understanding.



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